Bisbilhotices e factos desconhecidos sobre mim

The Celebration Girl Marcela nominated me for a Liebster Award meme. After a little bit of procrastination, I decided to do it and use it as an exercise. Later I will transform it and use it on my about page.

"If you are not familiar with memes, the idea is that I have to share some random facts about me and answer some questions, and then pass it to someone else, so that we get to know more about the persons we interact with in the blogosphere." Marcela, The Celebration Girl

I have no clue on nominating. I never answer this kind of questions, it's my first time and I'm not the most social blogosphere person.

There go the random facts about me and the answers to the questions Marcela asked.

I love bread and butter. In my village in Portugal the best bread is sold 50 m away from my flat, it's perfect when it's freshly made with salty butter from Azores. In Belgium I really miss it.

I'm totally fascinated by maps, I can stare at a map for ages.

I used to play with cardboard boxes and now I give them to my children to play. They love them and I can still play with cardboard boxes.

As a child, I always prefered dolls with big heads. I was never interested in playing with Barbie, the size of her neck and her tiny head disturbed me. As an adult I still have the same feeling that Barbie's neck is strange.

The first thing I ever smelt was a carnation.

I'm scared of insects. When I lived in the city I was terrified of cockroaches, now that I live in the countryside I am very afraid of spiders but not as much as cockroaches.

When I vacuum clean a spider or I drown it with a shower I always have this feeling that it'll be coming out of the drain for revenge and to haunt me.

I love to read and I need to read so I always grab stuff with text to read such as food boxes while I'm doing something else such as eating or cooking. When I was single I'd love to go out to dinner by myself with a book.

I used to be a Human Resources Manager specialised on Health and Safety at work. I keep on paying much attention to all work risks and ergonomic aspects of my work.

I have this annoying habit of not finishing my sentences. And call people to tell them something and forget what I have to say.

I knew my husband was the man of my dreams when he told me «See that saxophone over there? I got it very dirty in a flea market so I disassembled it completely, cleaned it and assembled it again just to understand how it works».

I didn't plan my wedding. We decided to get married in a hotel in Ericeira, my village in Portugal, with we did everything from Brussels by email. By "everything" I mean choosing a menu and telling «we trust your decoration decisions» to the hotel event organizers. It was perfect and totally stressless.

1- What is your biggest talent?
I just go ahead with life. And looking at the bright side of life even at crappy moments.

2- What is your biggest fear?
To become mentally or physically disabled.

3- What makes you happy?
I'm a happy person, naturally. Life makes me happy.

4- What did you dream of being when you were a child?
Even as child I was very pragmatic. Really, I cannot remember, I had so many dreams.

5- Is there anywhere other than your home city where you would like to live?
I would like to live in very different places, I would be happy travelling around the world moving from one place to another. But I don't do that so I'm just happy living where I live.

6- Do you have any heroes or people you admire? Who inspires you?
I admire many people, it's a big list so I will only mention those who inspire me now, at this particular moment of my life. I'm taking a lot of online courses so I feel inspired by the women behind those courses: Mayi Carles, Jackie Rueda, Julia Dávila Lampe, April Bowles-Olin, Marie Forleo, Nathalie Lussier. And Marcela Macias De Hadzimehmedi because she made write this and this is something that I don't do easily (she also gives great tips about a lot of important things).

7- Which is your favorite movie?
Difficult question, there are many favorites. The movie I have seen more times in my life is Stanley Kubrick's «A Clockwork Orange». I wouldn't say this is my favorite movie because it isn't but it did made an impression on me.

8- Which is your favorite book?
Another difficult question and I have no idea. I will mention the first book I ever read and that made me read. The book is called «Rosa minha irmã Rosa» from Alice Vieira, a portuguese author. It was the first of many books.

9- Do you read blogs? If so, can you recommend your favorite?
I am not a blog reader, I cannot focus on reading on a computer. My favorite blogs for the moment are: (I discovered this one yesterday!)

10- What do you know now that you wished you had known 10 years ago?
I know that to quit smoking is much easier than it seems.

I'm sorry for all the mistakes I made in this text but is either grammar mistakes or not writing at all. I chose to write.