Stage 4 :: a larger sample

This is my larger sample, it has 30 cm x 120 cm, once again I used Markals with rubbing plates over linen.

Do you feel you made a good selection from your drawings to use as source material for your design ideas? Which interpretations worked best? Why?

No, I feel I didn't made a good selection from my drawings or the other drawings I used. This happened because at the beginning of Project 4 I got stuck and lost all motivation I had for doing this assignment.

Which fabrics did you choose? What particular qualities appealed to you?
I chose cotton and linen. Cotton and linen, linen on top, are my favourite fabrics. Both are easy to work with (to sew or to paint), very agreeable to touch and "fresh" as materials.

How successful do you think your larger sample is? Do you like the design? Have you recreated or extended your ideas from the smaller samples so that there is a visible development between the two? Does your repeating design flow across the surface, without the obvious internal edges, or do shapes and marks in your single unit sample relate well to the size and shape of the fabric? Do they make an interesting composition on this larger scale?
I think my larger sample is almost unsuccessful. The design is quite uninspired and I made it to get the exercise done. I made it thinking about using it as head band in the future so the design is less important than the colours. The marks make a quite banal composition on this larger scale, as well as they did on a smaller scale.

To paint and to draw are not at all my favourite means of expression, I feel it more and more whether is on paper or on fabric.