Conrad Shawcross:: research point

“I'm fascinated by issues to do with certainty and scientific imaginings such as the shape of the universe and movements such as string theory. I see Science as an absolute rational empirical structure which builds upon itself yet as it grows it's actually unstable underneath, like a big tower or building that is built on precarious stilts and shifting sands.” Conrad Shawcross

Is there a theme? Is it well displayed? Is the lighting appropriate?
The theme is "The Nervous Systems (Inverted), it is only one great big beautiful piece of art, very well displayed and with great lighting.

Is there enough explanation of the exhibits?
There is enough explanation of the exhibit on the museum website and at the museum.

Is it visually stimulating and interesting?
Yes, it is very stimulating and I found it very interesting.

When was the piece made and by whom?
It was made by Conrad Shawcross created together with a series of machines since 2003.

What is it made of?
Wood, rope and metal.

What are the approximate dimensions?
Very, very big and very high.

Can you identify the techniques used?
Not really because it isn't just a textile work even if there are many metres of rope. I would say wooden construction techniques.

Where did the designer derive their inspiration?
I would say from science and philosophy.

How would you describe it - decorative, expressive, functional or symbolic?

What qualities do you like or dislike about the piece?
I am a little afraid of heights so I must confess that going up was a bit scary and I didn't like as much as laying down on the ropes. I what really liked about the piece, so much that I went to see it some times, is the fact that I can climb it and go up and I can touch it and feel it and I could also lay down on the ropes. It was the first time I could touch and feel a piece of art this way and I loved it. Besides this, I also liked the colours and the movement of the ropes.