Stage 2 :: looking for shapes and drawing II

This exercise does not respond exactly to what is asked. This second assignment is not being easy for me, I feel blocked and not knowing what to do. I spoke with my tutor that was of great help, I was planning on redoing the exercises but decided, on the meantime, to present this. Then if I have the energy, I will redo them, if I don't have the energy I will stick to this and accept that sometimes not everything goes as planned or has I wish.

In one of my first texture exercises I tried to reproduce the texture of a flower, of the smoothness of its petals, with oil pastels. On paper is does not actually works or at least it doesn't look like the same texture but it feels to me the same texture, the touch of oil pastels reminds me of some flower petals such as these. From this exercise from assignment 1, when I look at the pastel picture, I sense the same softness as when I look at the flower, it is a kind of soft-grease touch that I see in the petals and that I have with the oil pastels.

Smooth floor petal :: oil pastel

Detail from Leaves, 1925, André Durenceau

When I saw this André Durenceau picture, I immediately thought about the flower on the picture above, its soft and greasy petals and the oil pastels. So I tried to reproduce the same texture with oil pastels while respecting the colours. And when I look at what I made (that I do not like at all) with colours, there is just not the same texture, it looks almost rough and dirty.

So, why not to try the same picture - because I just cannot draw any more for this exercise - but in black and white as the oil pastels picture above?

And I did it, I changed the colours of the pictures and although it is not perfect, when I look at it I feel it closer to the detail of Leaves from Durenceau.