Stage 6 :: Combining textures and colour effects III

Alternative exercise :: machine embroidery
Soluble fabric still on the embroidery hoop

Experience using soluble fabric, normal cotton thread for sewing, cotton, wool, silk and steel threads on bobbin, cable stitch and free machining. The base was made with sewing cotton thread on soluble fabric.

Before washing the soluble fabric

After washing soluble fabric

After washing soluble fabric

Detail :: the brown thread is the silk and steel yarn

I enjoyed this exercise very very much. Until now, it was my favourite one using colour. I liked the effect of the silk and steel yarn and the mixture of green wool and green cotton thread, together they give a beautiful texture to the tree. I also like the effect of two different thread types and colours on the flowers. But the best of all was "weaving" my own piece of 100% cotton fabric with sewing cotton thread with the sewing, the soluble fabric is magical. This is just a small rectangle of 6 cm x 9 cm. 

Used materials: wool yarn, cotton yarn for crochet, silk and steel yarn, sewing machine cotton thread, soluble fabric.