Stage 5 : stitches to create texture

Square Fall Trees :: textures created with stitches

This exercise was inspired by Eloise Renouf textures and by Quinta do Avô António's logo. The colours were inspired by Belgian Fall colours, the colours that I can see from my windows everyday during October and November. I used this picture because since move to Belgium that Fall became my favourite season with beautiful colours full of joy and golden peace. During this period I only see orange and yellow and golden and I even try to reproduce these colours when I cook.

These last exercises were strongly season-influenced. The materials used are: linen, wool, cross stitch embroidery thread, crochet yarn, machine sewing thread.

 Square Fall Trees sketch book draft

Wool and cotton thread :: hand and machine satin stitches, cable stitch

Wool and cotton thread :: cable stitch

Wool and cotton thread :: cable stitch and free machining

Wool, cotton, crochet yarn, machine sewing thread :: sedding and cable stitch

Wool and cotton thread :: sedding and cable stitch

Wool and cotton thread :: machine satin stitch, cable stitch and French knot