Course expectations :: OCA Textiles BA Hons

What do I hope that this course will do for me?

I hope that this course will help my to find if I have any artistic skills and if so to develop them. I also hope to learn how to "work my imagination" and to work it in a focused way. I feel kind of lost, sometimes I have ideas but I am not able to express them as I would like. I hope this course will help me to better express myself.

Last week I received my course materials, I looked at them during the weekend but I only read the course material today. I went to take some pictures and began by following the categories lines, textures, light and shade, reflections, looking up, down, through, into the distance, contrasts and grouping of objects. Although I still haven't finished, taking pictures with an objective felt good. This for me is something new.

I feel that I will have to work a little bit and that I will have to do some things I am "scared of" such as drawing but at the same time this is what motivates me.